Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big new concert!!

Exciting news!! 

A huge new solo concert for Steven featuring selections from many of our projects in addition to cool never-before-heard stuff for RBKids and all those other side projects this guy is working on during all those hours the rest of us are asleep. You can help! Check it!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

steven's website and in your name

Boy do I have a treat for you! No seriously, I am actually shaking a little bit because I'm so excited to finally introduce this recording to the public. We hadn't let it go public, but it's now up on Steven's website, so it's legit!

So that's number 1. My favorite man on the planet aside from my dad, my fantastic incomparable writing partner, Steven's website is up! www.stevenjamail.com 

-the revamped VOTE! title number as well
-a song from Steven's RBKids show that's in NYMF this year-- go see it!! 
-our amazing Morgana singing Steven's inspired arrangement of O Holy Night (as a side note, I think O Holy Night has some of the best lyrics ever written)
-crowd favorite clean recording of Autumn singing LWS

but ALSO! the world premiere recording of the Act One closer of Nicholas & Alexandra, "In Your Name."

We recorded this back in July in what was truly one of the best moments in my professional artistic life. It was one of those days when you just absolutely know that what you're supposed to do in this life-- and that it is beyond fulfilling. A real gift in my life: Autumn, and West Side Story Tony (hottie with a delightfully bent sense of humor) Jeremy Jordan and John Berno came into the studio with Steven and me and our longterm (forever) engineer, Mr. Jimmy Morgan. And not only did we have such a blast, but we ended up with this track that I am so effffffing proud of. 

I mean, I just sit back and let Steven's 4756396345276 piece orchestra hit me. Timpani for days. When the three of them come in together for that final chorus. Cellestes. Monks, church bells, singing in Russian, and (I'm just gonna say it) a practically orgasmic french horn solo. This is the reason why I DO THIS!

The set up of the song is Alexandra is at her breaking point over the declining health of her son, the future tzar, and has completely placed her trust in questionably motivated (and certainly dirty) Rasputin. In a particularly zealous prayer session, her husband Nicholas walks in to find her kneeling with Rasputin and a fight erupts. I love the scene because there's a lot of layers happening. Nic is worried for his kid, his country, and he's also just a plain old jealous hubby. Then, Rasputin comes back into the scene/song instructing Alexei, the son. It's creepster. It's amazing. The performances. Man.

I am nothing in this world without these people I work with, work for. It is their gifts I keep in my heart when I write. I've never been inspired a day in life without them. I am literally floored every time I think about them. There is not enough room for my gratitude. It's taking over the world. Watch out, it's coming for you. 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

love will stay in seattle

Whaaaat!? Check out this adorable, belting, singing for Jesus on "Love Will Stay!" I don't think I wrote all those lyrics (I think she may have just forgotten some and repeated herself-- hey it happens) but she still did a pretty kickass job! You go, Diana Huey! Me and Steven applaud you! Plus, bonus points for that cello, you guys. It's enormously gratifying to see stuff like this from across the country. If you've bought sheet music and performed one of our songs somewhere, let us know and I'll post it!

I'm off to hear my Morgan battle it out at the Apollo against all the other folks singing there tonight... that should be a Harlem adventure! What a great couple of days this has been. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Andrew's Blog

For so many obvious reasons, we love Andrew and everything about his blog. As referenced on many occasions, if he ran for president, we'd Vote for him. And I can't think of a better friend and advocate for any artistic project or cause. Every way that I could gush about his talent is just subsumed by what there really is to say about what kind of fantastic person he is. He's quite simply one of the glowy people.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Storm in a Teacup!

Thanks, Becky! Beckster was so kind as to show us this AWESOME Storm in a Teacup. Anyone have a spare 550 pounds-- or $808.50 to buy this for me before I leave for Scotland???

Sunday, April 25, 2010

We're on itunes!

We've made it! Steven & I were  honored to be a part of such a fun and meaningful theatre community project, The Battery's Down, created by our hilarious friend, Jake Wilson.

Our fun little number, "Video Chat," was in the Season 2 Premiere last April. For a 45 second song, I think Steven & I got a lot out of it. Most of the appeal was visual, so definitely check out the episode especially to see the adorable faces of Andrew, Nina, Jake and Cortney. Andrew's lines in the scene before the song crack me up EVERY TIME!!

And we were honored again to be included as a bonus track on the brand new soundtrack for Season 2. I hate to implore, but please buy this album. I will actually make money if this album makes money. All the songs are written by wonderful theatre writers, some of whom have Pulitzers! And they're all my wonderful friends.

You can buy a hard copy of the album on the Sh-K-Boom Records site. Or if you can't buy the whole album, please buy at least OUR SONG-- it's only 99 cents! Thanks in advance :)

And look at all this ink we're getting:

Monday, March 8, 2010

some things you may have missed!

Just in case you missed these awesome videos!

We love Hav!

Thanks, Andrew, for featuring VOTE! music in your awesome MTI Showspace Blog!

Daniel Robinson, Morgan Karr & the VOTE! Fringe Cast rocked our world!